"The mind is like a parachute. In order to function, it first has to open "


Who am I ?

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Eugenio Messina (british designer based in the us)


I’m a graphic artist and ex-programmer who entered the world of computers in the eighties in order to fund an expensive (at the time) electronic music hobby. I eventually re-emerged with a scope of experience covering a broad range of technical capabilities relating to various aspects of digital graphics technology. I've garnered first hand experience in both creating commercial products, and graphic design for consumer entertainment, 3D, and commercial fields.

My artistic style reflects my experiences, and you'll notice a level of confidence in the use of vivid colors that keep well away from simplistic primaries. -'Safe' colors are for those too afraid to dispense with their 'color wheels'.

I consider myself fortunate to have realized that I was on my way to becoming a computer nerd, so the jump from programming graphics to creating graphics was a cunning evolutionary maneuver.

My work often expresses a hint of retro-arcade style within a modern 3D context.

People say you're as old as you feel, which makes me perpetually 29. I also feel warm, but I don't know how that translates.

Artists like to push the envelope and I'm no different. If one doesn't deviate from the norm, one doesn't develop. The price you pay is criticism - which is a creative force, anyhow.

I consider my graphic work to be mental candy that excites the inner child in adults.


Musically, I would describe my compositions and recordings as electronic underground punk/funk with orchestrated elements and emotional backbone. The style of a lot of my musical work has been categorized as Big Beat. As a musical artist, I'm known as Funkspace.