of Technical & Artistic Experience


Eugenio Messina

Oakland, CA

Graphic Design

Graphic Artist, Webmaster

2005 - 2008

Oakland, CA

Designed and maintained medium-sized e-commerce site for small independant jewelry design studio. Developed brand identity and designed logo. Developed online store based on Miva Merchant 5 framework using SMT (store morph technology) server-side language mixed with HTML. Maintained and added funtionality to website. Photographed, color corrected, and prepared product images for all new items. Assisted in creating product copy. Optimized site and product descriptions for search engine spiders. Created and maintained online advertising campaigns.

Pie In The Sky Company,
division of J-KAM Inc.

Art/Creative Director

1996 - 2001

Redwood City, CA

Worked closely with the Art, Production, Marketing, and Sales Departments for leading manufacturer and international licensor of giant inflatable advertising displays. Created conceptual inflatable designs in 2D & 3D, presentation graphics, and modeled the designs as full color 3D objects from which I would create reference visuals for construction and generate patterns for manufacturing. Expanded my interest in marketing and continued to develop graphic talent through the marketing of such a creative product. Designed all sales literature, product brochures, print ads, direct mail material, press releases, and created and maintained an award winning web site.

Well-known clients included: FedEx, Fox Kids, Fox Sports Net, ebay, Symantec, Microsoft, Denny’s, Chili’s, Motorola, F/X, Coors, Crest, Pepsi, Red Bull, McDonald’s, Nokia, Nestle

3D Virtual Reality

Superscape/Dimension International/Incentive Software

Senior Designer

1989 - 1996

Hook, UK/Palo Alto, CA

Created graphical interface, interactive environments, and tutorial content for ‘3D Construction Kit’, a commercial product that allowed users to create their own interactive3D worlds and adventures using their home computers. Expanded my technical understanding of the inner workings of 3D real-time graphics through my involvement in the testing and development cycles of the ‘Virtual Reality Toolkit’ (VRT), an advanced 3D real-time application development product, which allowed users to create sophisticated 3D intelligent and interactive environments for both entertainment and commercial use. Worked closely with sales team demonstrating live demos and targeting viable markets for interactive software. Created virtual reality worlds and projects distinct in fluidity and interactive complexity, marked by various layers of simulated intelligence and dynamics. Utilized propriety 'C'-like language, SCL (Superscape Control Language) for realtime logic, processing and interaction. Was lead developer in Superscape's highest-profile project for Northern Telecom, delivering interactive application on time and beyond expectations.



Games programmer & gaming graphics

1984 - 1989

Eastbourne, UK


Developed arcade game for the home computer. ‘Destructo’ was published in 1987 by Bulldog Software/Mastertronic and reached #2 in the British Retail Charts. Figured out algorithms for game logic and sprite game engine. Encoded them in assembly language.

Wrote tools to develop game data for gaming levels and graphic compression and level composition.

Created 2D sprite graphics at low resolution within color limitations (eight bit).

Silicon Software

Developed graphic software engines for two other computer games released in the European market.

Developed an adventure game mapping system based on compressed graphical elements.

Authored the assembly code for the graphics system and mapping display system.

Created data composition tools and map editor.

Produced graphic content for games and created isometric perspective 2D graphic elements for use in game scenes.

This experience gave me grounding in understanding, from a technical perspective, how the manipulation and generation of digital imagery is achieved in both 2 & 3 dimensions.



1st place, Amiga Animation, Edinburgh Arts Festival


First Place Winner of Annual Amiga Animation Contest at the prestigious Edinburgh Arts Festival. The animation, entitled ‘Main Video‘ was an early 3D animation (using a 16 bit Amiga Computer and home vhs recorders) and produced with limited resources.


Music (artist name: 'Funkspace')

1st place Armed Madhouse Remix


Grand Prize Winner of Greg Palast’s Armed Madhouse Remixed contest. The winning track, ’Mr. Beale, meet Mr. Palast’, consisted of music composed, recorded, and produced by myself as well as a 'mash-up' mix of spoken word taken from the audiobook version of 'Armed Madhouse'. Greg Palast is a renowned BBC investigative journalist, a mainstream journalist for the Guardian (UK), and a best selling book author.

Music (artist name: 'Funkspace')



Funkspace music appears in the television program, 'Science Detective' produced by Richard Heene of My You Me Productions, LA.


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design, Go Live, Flash, EZ Generator, Metacreations’ Painter, HTML, Audio Production.

3D: Pixologic ZBrush, Luxology Modo, FormZ, Superscape Virtual Reality Toolkit, Nendo, Wings 3D Subdivision Modeller, Vue d’Esprit, Raydream Studio, Impulse TurboSilver/Imagine.